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Findr’s mission is to transform the professional career for ambitious individuals. Our aim is to provide a seamless platform that effortlessly connects candidates with superior and tailored job opportunities, leveraging our cutting-edge technology (LLMs) to match their unique needs and skills



Emphasize proactivity and continuously seek opportunities for improvement and growth. Find creative and effective solutions to challenges, making the most of available resources


Support diversity and ensure that all voices and perspectives are valued and included in decision-making processes. Treat everyone with dignity, empathy, and consideration, regardless of differences or backgrounds


Embrace authenticity, genuineness, and foster an environment where individuals can express themselves freely. Encourage the growth and development of individuals


Trust your gut feeling, even in the face of uncertainty or pressure


Cultivate a culture of innovation and creativity, stimulating out-of-the-box thinking and pushing boundaries!

Why Findr?


Change your career path in one match

Ease of use

Allows to create profiles with minimum clicks

No middlemen

Direct communication to foster transparency


Pleasently appealing system of likes

Smart matching

New two-way business model powered by AI

Look and feel

Simple and effective

Our team

Co-Founder & Product Strategy

Co-Founder & Technology Strategy

Finance & Business Strategy

Software Engineer & Data Analytics

Marketing & UX/UI Design Analyst


Findr is a job matching app connecting candidates and job offers in a direct way, utilizing advanced technology and artificial intelligence

Candidates using Findr benefit from a streamlined job search experience, as the platform presents them with tailored job recommendations based on their skills, experience, and career objectives. Additionally, Findr offers features such as resume optimization tools and personalized career guidance to help candidates enhance their profiles and increase their chances of success

Employers, on the other hand, gain access to a pool of highly qualified candidates who are well-suited to their job openings. Findr’s advanced matching algorithms enable employers to efficiently identify and reach out to potential candidates who possess the skills and qualifications they are seeking. This streamlined recruitment process saves time and resources for employers while increasing the likelihood of finding the perfect candidate for the job

Findr offers a freemium paid system for candidates, providing them with a range of options to enhance their job search experience and increase their visibility to potential employers

  1. Basic (Free) Membership: candidates can sign up for a basic membership at no cost, which allows them to create a profile, browse job listings, and apply to a limited number of positions
  2. Premium Membership: for candidates seeking additional benefits and features, Findr offers a premium membership tier. With a premium subscription, candidates unlock access to a variety of advanced tools and services designed to optimize their job search efforts

Easy! Sign up vía Google or Apple!

Yes, Findr allows users to search for jobs in specific industries or locations, providing them with the flexibility to tailor their job search according to their preferences and requirements: industry specific searches, location, salary range, etc

Updating your profile is incredibly easy! Not only does your CV get generated automatically when you join the platform (thanks to our cutting-edge technology!), but if you acquire a new skill, all it takes is a quick trip to your profile to add it. It won’t even take you a minute!


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